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diamond Rankings:
After deciding to enroll, the youth will pursue his/her first Quest as an Initiate. Once accepted, the youth will aspire toward proficiencies in the Challenges within his/her individual abilities and talents. Within the College of Pages, there are four levels of proficiencies for the mastering of Challenges.

 Apprentice Page
In this rank, the youth will learn the basic fundamentals of medieval life, skills and essentials of the SCA history, protocols and behavior. When the Apprentice Challenges are met, the youth is awarded the Vert (green) Tassel as a symbol of growth.

 Journeyman Page
In this rank the Challenges build upon the fundamentals and expand the skills, knowledge of medieval life and the information and customs of the SCA. When the Journeyman Challenges are met, the youth is awarded the Gules (red) Tassel as a tribute to the forging of his/her knowledge.

In this rank, the Challenges reflect the abilities, skills, leadership and knowledge of the participants. When the Page is successful in meeting the Challenges, the youth should be able to function within the SCA in any capacity the youth chooses. The Award given is the Argent (silver) Tassel, to distinguish the sum of his/her achievements.

 Alumni Page
is the last level in the College of Pages. One year after graduation, the Alumni Page may receive the Or (gold) Tassel to celebrate the youth’s contributions to the Society and the sharing of the knowledge and skills the youth has acquired in the participation of the College of Pages.