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An Initiate Page must have a Sponsor, written consent from the parents or guardian to enroll in the College of Pages, and be able to complete the Initiate Quest. It is the youth's responsibility to ensure that all the paperwork is complete, submitted, and to obtain the required testimonies and sponsor. A formal and public presentation of acceptance into the College of Pages is encouraged at the Branch, Regional or Principality (Kingdom) level so that all may know the relationship between the parents/legal guardian, the page, and the sponsor.


Every Initiate must perform a Quest in order to enroll in the College of Pages, no matter which Rank is appropriate to his/her abilities. The level of Rank Challenges the Initiate will work toward can be determined by the College of Pages Officer. In all instances the Quest will include these five items:

  1. Sponsor with parental/guardian approval: The Sponsor should be present at the induction ceremony. Youths already serving as Pages may use their current Sponsor.
  2. Permission: Written permission from the Parent/Legal Guardian to enroll and participate in the College of Pages, for presentation at induction ceremony.
  3. Pages Favor: in black at least 10" X 4", for presentation at ceremony.
  4. Testimonial of Service: A declaration, either written or verbal, by a member of the SCA that the initiate provided a service.
  5. Testimonial of Learning: A declaration, either written or verbal, by an Officer of the SCA that the Initiate learned one specific item of that office.