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What is Included on this Web Site:


Mail forms to:
Arontius of Bygelswade
470 Bridle View Place NW
Bremerton, WA 98311-8917

For FULL CONTACT INFORMATION for Exchequer office
(modern name,address, telephone number), go to the An Tir Officer's Page

Chancellor of the Exchequer:
Contingency Deputy:
Deputy for Inspirational Giving:
Non-Member Registration Deputy:
Pennsic Campmaster:
Warrants Deputy:
Summits Exchequer:
Tir Righ Exchequer:

RULES -- POLICIES ( “What To Do”)

Governing Documents of the SCA SCA Website - PDF

Society Financial Policy SCA Website - PDF

Kingdom Financial Policies of An Tir SCA Website - PDF

Raven Travel Fund

Local Exchequers' Handbook SCA Website - PDF

Kingdom Exchequers' Handbook SCA Website - PDF

(“How To Do It”)


  • Financial Report Forms (Doomsday)

    Financial Report forms for all Local Branches and groups, please go to the SCA Inc. Exchequer's page.
    Financial Report Forms (Please select LOCKED versions to help reduce entry errors, thank you.)

    Negative report form packets (3 pages) for branches that qualify:
    PDF format (print and fill-out by hand)
    Excel format (save a copy & complete on computer)

  • Miscellaneous Other Forms (Useful Stuff!)

    Various other administrative forms from the SCA's Chancellor of the Exchequer Officer's Handbook, and other forms developed for use in An Tir

    Event Report Packet (PDF 134K Last updated: 25-May-2005)
    (Event Budget Report, Event Report, Gate Report, Deposit Report, Non-Member Surcharge Report)

    Event Report Form ( Excel 11K ) Last updated: 02-Feb-2005

    Cheque Request Form (editable) (MS Word 99K ) Last updated: 30-May-2005
    Cheque Request Form (PDF 265K ) Last updated: 25-May-2005
    Use to request payment from kingdom for reimbursement, cash advance, or direct payment to a 3rd party; requires information on Payee as well as budgetary information (what event or office is paying for this).
    Deposit Record Form (MS Word 44K ) Last updated: 31-Jan-2011
    Use to record bank deposits including budgetary and reporting data.

    Mileage Reimbursement Form (MS Word 21K ) Last updated: 08-Oct-2002
    Use to provide supporting documentation for requests for mileage; allows documentation of several trips on once form.

    Supplemental Reimbursment Form (PDF 50K ) Last updated: 25-May-2005
    To be used to provide supplemental information for the Cheque Request Form

    U.S. IRS Form W-9
    PDF (IRS website) Use to obtain required information for Form 1099 on any individual to whom SCA pays more than $600 during one year.


    Drafts for use in An Tir as “How To…” guidelines for doing what the Policies and Chancellor of the Exchequer Officer’s Handbook require.

    Reporting (PDF 186K ) Last updated: 31-Jan-2011
    (or “Who do I tell about the stuff we did?”)

    Purchasing: (PDF 91K ) Last updated: 16-Nov-2004
    (or “Now that I have a budget, how do I buy stuff?”)

    Travel (PDF 135K ) Last updated: 25-May-2005
    (or “How do I get where I have to be?”)

    About Warrants (PDF 38K ) Last updated: 06-Jan-2006
    (or “Becoming the real thing!”)

  • TIP-ETS - Tips, Helpful Hints, Suggestions & Good Advice from other exchequers.

    • Use a standard size piece of paper to attach all receipts (makes filing and finding much easier).
    • If using duplicate cheques, attached the "carbon copy" of the cheque to the associated documentation (bills, receipts, invoices), to tie the cash outlay (the cheque) to the supporting document(s).
    • Include NMS collected in "Event Income", not in "Other Income"
    • Include NMS payments sent to Kingdom (or Principality) as
      • "Transfer-out Within Kingdom" (US-to-US, or Canada-to-Canada)
      • "Donation to Another Non-Profit Organization" (Canada-to-US)
    • Use "Transfer-in" and "Transfer-out" only for transfers between branches in the SAME COUNTRY; use "Contributions Received" and "Donations to Another Non-Profit Organization" for transactions that cross the border.
    • Refer to the report form instructions (Chapter 8, SCA Chancellor of the Exchequer's Handbook); the SCA's version of "Fund Accounting" can seem a bit funny. Also good to read Appendix G, "Doublentry Bookkeeping, Basic Concepts and Practices".
    • Don't count deposits (money-in) for repayment of gate change or site deposits as Event Income. All money-out for gate-change, etc. should be recorded as a "Receivable" until paid back, and all Deposits should be recorded as "Other Assets". Re-payment (money-in) should just offset the original transaction (money-out).
    • Make sure that figures on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement tie to the supporting worksheets in the Financial Report packet. Working back-to-front on the packet can help ensure this.

    Send in your best practices, helpful hints, tips, and suggestions to be included here.

RESULTS – Kingdom FinancialReports


An Tir 2014 Budget ( 135K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014


An Tir 2013 Budget ( 129K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014


An Tir 2012 Budget ( 48K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014
An Tir 2012 US Workbook( 31K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014
An Tir 2012 Roll up - Canadian (28K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014


An Tir 2011 Budget (XLS 30K ) Last updated: 01-Feb-2011
An Tir 2011 US Workbook( 31K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014
An Tir 2011 Roll up - Canadian (31K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014


2010 AN TIR-US Workbook (PDF 31K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014
2010 AN TIR-CDN Workbook (PDF 28K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014


An Tir 2005 Budget (PDF 109K ) Last updated: 25-Aug-2005
An Tir 2005 Second Quarter (PDF 119K ) Last updated: 17-Aug-2005
An Tir 2005 First Quarter (PDF 127K ) Last updated: 06-Jun-2005


An Tir 2004 Budget (final) (PDF 96K ) Last updated: 27-May-2005
An Tir Doomsday, 2004 Report (PDF 144K ) Last updated: 09-Jun-2014
An Tir 2004 Combined Report -- US (MS Excel 813K ) Last updated: 30-May-2005
An Tir 2004 Combined Report -- US (PDF 715K ) Last updated: 30-May-2005
The Excel file is the more user friendly -- the PDF is provided for those who don't have Excel
An Tir 2004 Combined Report -- Canada (PDF 94K ) Last updated: 30-May-2005


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